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Succeed While Operating Your Own RAL Home. Learn RAL secrets from the founder of the RCFE Association. Gain access to training from the most reputable assisted living providers. Discover the tools you need to take your RAL operation to the next level. Create your legacy today.


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Placement Agency Workshop

Maximize Profits: Explore Fresh Revenue Streams for Your Assisted Living Home!


Boost Your Earnings: Seamlessly Add $2,000-$20,000+ Every Month!

In just 2 hours, discover how to seamlessly integrate a placement agent service into your existing residential assisted living model.

Workshop Dates:
Thursday, 09/28: 12:30PM-2:30PM (3 Spots Left)
Friday, 09/29: 10AM-12PM (1 Spot Left)
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Our Business Plan For Assisted Living

The RAL Home Blueprint For Success.

With my training, you'll unlock the tools you need to own & operate an RAL at the highest level. Whether you're a beginner or an established facility owner, my trainings will cover everything you need to succeed in RAL.

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Our Mission

Build Your Legacy

We’re dedicated to helping you exceed your Residential Assisted Living goals. We do this by providing innovative, relevant, and best-in-class coaching. Create a legacy that is purposeful and lucrative. 

Fast-Track Your Success

We fast-track your Residential Assisted Living with best-in-class trainings, coaching, and events. Build your dream toolkit today.  

Empower Your Business

We’ll provide you the tools and training to empower your facility. Build an excellent client experience while growing your revenue. 

Meet William, Founder of the RCFE Association & Owner of the #1 California RAL Facility

William’s industry experience extends throughout the assistant living industry. He's worked at many different companies and positions. Working as both a trainer and coach for other owners, and for the nation’s largest placement agency to gain an edge. Today, he owns his own placement agency, giving him industry data that he extends to his students.


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"I am thankful to have found William when I did..."

"I was about to purchase my first RAL for more than $100k and decided to hire William to evaluate the business before I purchased it. He was able to uncover multiple red flags that my previous consultant and relator did not find. William's industry expertise cannot be matched! Thank you William!"

- Jenny & Stan Laney

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